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Startup Success Sprint

Unlock rapid growth for your startup with our "Startup Success Sprint" – a high-impact, two-phase program designed for swift and strategic advancement.

Why choose this?

  • Because it's fast and focused.
  • Because it's budget-friendly.
  • Because it's results-oriented.

Innovation Ingredients Package

Did you start as a student in your startup, possibly shortly after finishing your studies?
We have put together a service package to help exactly with these challenges.

InnoMaker Package

Do you feel that although the development of your service is going very well, it is not yet apparent how it will become a marketable, scalable innovation?
We have compiled a service package to help exactly with these issues.

Tuned for Growth Package

Do you have a market validation and demand for your value proposition, but it's not clear how best to communicate it to start scaling?
We recommend our service package precisely for this purpose.

New Paths Package

No matter how hard you fight, do you feel that the project can't be realized?
Firstly: you are not in an easy situation, we know this well. But with the right openness and flexibility, we can turn the situation to your advantage.

Social Media Management

Whether it's about introducing a pioneering product, increasing brand awareness, or supporting a community of loyal customers and stakeholders, feel free to contact us!

Why choose us?

  • Because we understand the world of innovation! You don't have to spend hours explaining how an innovative project works during the briefing.
  • Because we know that innovative enterprises need a unique and dynamic social media strategy.
  • Because we not only deliver the content you order, but also help you in developing your market strategy.

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Our services are strategic tools that help understand problems in the market, develop solutions, and communicate these to the stakeholders for innovative enterprises who do not want to waste resources during development and market entry. Unlike mass-produced tools and "quick fix" practices, InnoMaker Partners supports its clients with professional foundation, scientific methods, and the flexibility essential for innovation.

InnoHelper Content

Here you will soon be able to read exciting professional articles!

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Whether you're curious about educational content, our services, or our ecosystem-building activities, hit the button, we're here to answer all your questions!

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