About Us

We aspire to teach, build, and develop. During each research project, our goal is for you to master the methodologies we use, to understand the operating mechanisms, and thereby to understand your own market and customers. We guide you through this rugged path with the right tools. Our creed also leads us to actively participate in building the innovation ecosystem and nurturing the next generation. Thus, you may have encountered us at various events and educational programs, or we may even collaborate, as it's in everyone's interest for the "pie" to grow. Let's build the ecosystem together!

Our Mission

We support innovative enterprises in creating value for themselves and their customers.

Our Vision

To create internal and external harmony in achieving strategic goals so that more innovative initiatives are viable in the market, thereby creating value (economic, social, environmental). All this through the tools of establishing internal and external communication, and understanding the market and customer needs according to the specific requirements of innovation creation.

Our Team

Richard Bavlsík, CEO

A marketing researcher and educator, innovation expert, startup ecosystem builder, entrepreneur. My passion is to learn new things, build complex systems or strategies from knowledge, and then subject them to the test of reality – because, in the end, what matters is what actually works (on the market). I believe that we can only move forward with mutually beneficial partnerships, as at the end of the day, it's in all of our interests for the "pie" to be bigger. My guiding star is potential and the search for it – if something can be (much) better, why not do everything for it? I help our clients with strong professionalism, curiosity, a "no-bullshit" mentality, broad vision, and a problem-solving attitude (my motto: "the shit needs to get done!").

Kamilla Strausz, COO

From the very beginning of my professional career in communication, even on the first day of my university studies, I learned that "one cannot not communicate", and I thought that we might as well do it right. Since then, it has been my passion to do it as best as I can and to help as many as possible to "do it right", whether it's social media, internal organization communication, or public speaking. 
And why specifically in the field of innovation?
Because I believe that every new solution or invention helps people to make their lives, even if only slightly, easier. Not to mention that every great team deserves to be known by the world.
However, this requires navigating through the maze of communication processes, which I strive to guide our clients and partners through with creative, research-supported methods and ideas

Our Partners

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